четверг, 29 июня 2017 г.

Drupal 8 Test Task for DAXX

Hello. My name is Viktor. I am still looking for a job. Do not hesitate if you can help me. This this project was done for a company for a Drupal developer position. I decided to publish my results after I had not passed the test task. The main reason why is because. It is the base that will be used for another Drupal test tasks. It is a pity when you are required to make a task that corresponds a senior developer for from 2 to 4 hours. The real picture is that only preparation demands at least 4 hours. In a test context You can ask me to change something in the project or add some functionality into. Check My LinkedIn Profile

воскресенье, 25 июня 2017 г.

Viktor Fitness Project Release v0.0.3

Hello. It is Viktor with the project Viktor Fitness. I am still looking for a job. Do not hesitate if you can and want to help me. Follow on me by social services. The current release number is v0.0.3. I will report the done staff.

New features, changes.

  • Data filtering by date period functionality was added..
  • Typescript-Sequelize library was integrated. Database is declared by declarative style using decorators.
  • e2e protractor tests were integrated. Almost all functionality have been covered by tests.
  • Restoring process that loaded data from CSV was deleted.
  • Restore/Dump user CLI commands were fixed.
  • Viktor's initial data was added.
  • Cli command - sync-force-schemas was created.