четверг, 29 июня 2017 г.

Drupal 8 Test Task for DAXX

Hello. My name is Viktor. I am still looking for a job. Do not hesitate if you can help me. This this project was done for a company for a Drupal developer position. I decided to publish my results after I had not passed the test task. The main reason why is because. It is the base that will be used for another Drupal test tasks. It is a pity when you are required to make a task that corresponds a senior developer for from 2 to 4 hours. The real picture is that only preparation demands at least 4 hours. In a test context You can ask me to change something in the project or add some functionality into. Check My LinkedIn Profile

Skills that are shown at the project.

  • Docker Virtualizaion
  • PHP, Nginx, MariaDB technology stack.
  • Drupal 8.
  • Git core.
  • Out of the box project.
  • Migration process.
  • Blocks, Layouts, Custom blocks.
  • Page manager, Panels, Panalizer.
  • Views, contextual filters.
  • FAPI, Ajax forms.
  • Responsive image.


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