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Ng4 Test Lading Page.

Hello. I am still looking for a job. I am also developing my own project Viktor Fitness. In context of the project I create another small Angular 2 projects these have to approve knowledge and experience. I can do everything :)  But I see I am not able do from the first attempt right. A Design look and Browser behaviors are not equal.  The front-end part is still challenging process for me. I am defining site building technics.
Last time I was creating a site according to a pinterest design.  I had finished it and I rebuild it again in few iteration. I build it using Angular 4, angular-cli. Angular cli. Angular cli is very good tool that contains preconfigured Webpack that can be configured, It uses Angular 2 for the site building. Maybe this way has some overhead. It has raised level of income. But it also has own advantages of cause if you are developer or prepare pages for Angular project. Also I have another development tool that is based on gulp. I will describe it later at another article. 



  • It is based on Angular 2.
  • It is served by Angular CLI.
  • It uses Material Design.
  • ... Material Design Icons.
  • ... Extra MD Icons.
  • ... Google Fonts.
  • It reused MD sass features.
  • Palette dialog was created for.
  • Directive that makes square block was done.
  • Some responsive issues were resolved.
  • The project is deployed on Github pages.

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