понедельник, 3 июля 2017 г.

Viktor Fitness - Continuos Integration.

I hope my project Viktor Fitness will get a real life and it will be used by people. It will be developed by people for people. And I am still looking for a job in different IT directions. So I am covering the DevOps direction. I am preparing the project for team development.  Continuos integration is a part of project development team. Different development tools enhance reliability, quality of projects and speed of big teams. It is a cool feature flow when client or QA engineer are able to test a state of a project before it moves to a production server.
For this case StriderCD is chosen. The Jenkins was also discovered. Jenkins have a lot of plugins. StriderCD does not have so many quality plugins. But StriderCD works well. It has enough good architecture. It is easy extensible. Also when you are a NodeJS developer.  There are a lot of different extensions. Everything is glued funny, that makes me to love NodeJS and StriderCD. I do not want to argue with Jenkins. From my analytics Jenkins is a robust tool. My choose is StriderCD. The following feature flow is used.

After feature has been demanded by a client or PM via an issue at a project management system, developer resolves it, commits changes, pushes changes to a repository, makes a PR. StriderCD monitors repository changes. When changes appear, StriderCD fetches changes, runs tests, makes a build that is available for manual testing via internet. StriderCD sends notifications to different following systems: Jira project management tool, Slack team communication tool, Github code revision server. The plugin allocate resources for builds, controls and also dispose resources. StriderCD could be used for different technology stacks. I plan to build Drupal project by this system.  The DevOps part of the project is suspended because of lack of resources. It was tested locally  and on Digital Ocean 5$ server. It worked, but it was only to test the whole system. For this purpose   a real server is required. Regards, Viktor.

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